Day 12 — What has chicken pooh got to do with economics?

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2 min readSep 28, 2020

To prevent mass gatherings from happening and inevitably worsening corona virus, chicken manure is being used as a deterrent.

The university town of Lund in Sweden is to dump a tonne of chicken manure in its central park in a bid to deter up to 30,000 residents from gathering there for traditional celebrations to mark Walpurgis Night.

“Lund could very well become an epicentre for the spread of the coronavirus on the last night in April, [so] I think it was a good initiative.”

“We get the opportunity to fertilise the lawns, and at the same time it will stink and so it may not be so nice to sit and drink beer in the park,” Lundblad said, adding that the only potential drawback was that the smell may not be confined to the park.

“I am not a fertiliser expert, but as I understand it, it is clear that it might smell a bit outside the park as well,” Lundblad admitted. “These are chicken droppings, after all. I cannot guarantee that the rest of the city will be odourless. But the point is to keep people out of the city park.”

Furthermore, the differences in approach to Covid 19, between the UK and Sweden have been vast and widespread. The UK has taken a very instructive approach where people are told the guidelines that should be stuck to, and when and where these should be adhered to, whereas Sweden believes that the people should be in charge of their own social distancing, and many people have taken this into their own hands well, yet some refuse to abide.